What Makes a Goer Go? Conoco and ROOF Have a Few Ideas

Venerable US oil and gas company Conoco gets a thoroughly quirky update in this series of fun character films by director Lucas Camargo and the design/animation team at ROOF in New York.

Director: Lucas Camargo: “The films were designed to be quick fun pills, packed with movement and creative ideas. We wanted to make unexpected movements with the scenarios and infuse a mechanical way to convey movement, almost like engines running. So for each scene, we elevated how the backgrounds would be part of that story, breaking the planes and perspectives to work with the camera in an unusual way.

“For the characters, they did not want the Goers to be humanoids, their stories had a surreal twist, mixing situations that could be anything but ordinary. We had the idea to make them an embodiment of their story, so designs were infused with that surreal flavor, and it helped us to shape these unique folks and their vehicles.

“We wanted the designs to be compact so they could always be in the frame, the cars are an extension of their personas, you wanna see both of them, and how video games frame their characters inspired us to create the flow of our cameras.”
“TEACHINGS” (above)





Client: Conoco

Production: ROOF
Director: Lucas Camargo
CD: Guto Terni, Vinicius Costa
EP: Marcus Lansdell
Lead producer: Marcio Lovato
CGI tech director: Heber Conde, Wallan Oliveira
Lead 3D: Alexandre Eschenbach
Storyboard artist: Paulo Crumbin
3D Layout artist: Lucas Ribeiro
3D Modeler: Alexander Martins, Alexandre Taveira, Alex Ruiz, Danilo Geradr, Douglas Giarletti, Geison Araujo, Leandro Wagner, Lucas Lira, Marcelo Souza, Miguel Alves Giffu, Ricardo Viana
Rigger: Danilo Pinheiro, André Rüegger, Caio Hidaka, Danilo Pinheiro, Saul Almeida
Lookdev/lighting: Adam Pierre, Cristiano Porfirio, Josemar Queiroz, Marcelo Vaz, Marcos Moraes, Pedro Henrique Placido Silva, William Silva
Groomer: Josemar Queiroz
Animation supervisor: Francisco Catão
Animator: Rodrigo Dutra, Marcio Kakuno, Anne Pagno
Simulation: Gabriel Marcondes, Alexandre Canário, Heber Conde
Compositor: Jorge Pereira
Deliveries: Fabio Mota