ROOF Studio: Honda “The Dreamer” Plus Behind the Scenes

Roof directors Guto Terni, Sam Mason, and Vinicius Costa unleash a massive, vibrant fantasy world for this Honda spot called “The Dreamer,” realized in obsessive detail and full of unexpected and delightful moments. [Read more]

Roof_Nat Geo Brain Games | STASH MAGAZINE

The Surreal Side of Nat Geo’s “Brain Games”

National Geographic Channel’s Emmy-nominated series Brain Games punches out of the broadcast clutter with this whimsical and intensely detailed CG promo from the master of such things, Roof director Vinicius Costa. [Read more]

Vinicius Costa | STASH MAGAZINE

Vinicius Costa: New Style Frames

There is no mistaking the pitch work of Brooklyn-based Brazilian director/AD/illustrator/artist and co-founder of ROOF, Vinicius Costa. Each carefully crafted piece combines infinite detail and pumped-up palettes to create enigmatic and whimsical 3D worlds that demand closer inspection.
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Costa, Terni and Campbell Raise the ROOF in New York

South American expat directors Vinicius Costa and Guto Terni team with EP Crystal Campbell to launch their “whimsical and spirited studio” called ROOF in NYC. “Our name is a reflection of our belief that the collaborative process between artists, agencies and clients is [Read more]

The Fantastic Worlds of Vinicius Costa

Every once in a while you spot a style frame worthy of framing: a visual so striking or divine it rises out of it’s earthly sales mission and lives free of any purpose except to make the world more pleasing. And then there’s the style frames portfolio of Brazilian-born director/art director Vinicius Costa, where the […] [Read more]