iMac Pro Artist Films x 6

    To showcase the power of the iMac Pro, Apple invited Buck, Esteban Diácono, Michelle Dougherty, Luigi Honorat, ManvsMachine, and Erin Sarofsky to push the sleek desktop machine to its limits. [Read more]

Punimation Directory | STASH MAGAZINE

The Punanimation Directory

Started as a Facebook group, Punanimation has since evolved into “a collective of equality-driven ladies aiming to support, connect and share women’s work within the animation industry.” [Read more]

CNN What is beauty | STASH MAGAZINE

Anna Ginsburg Asks “What is Beauty?” for CNN

To mark International Women’s Day 2018, Strange Beast director Anna Ginsburg surveys the evolution of the female form and its perceptions over the last 30,000 years. [Read more]

L&C Glide MPC Mikros Future Deluxe | STASH MAGAZINE

Future Deluxe and Mikros-MPC Advertising for L&C

The newly unified Paris studios of MPC Advertising and Mikros handle the feathery creature craft in this cheeky and hard-to-ignore full-CG spot directed by Future Deluxe for UK mortgage brokers L&C thru agency Fold7. [Read more]

Rosanna Wan School of Life app | STASH MAGAZINE

The School of Life App by Rosanna Wan

London illustrator/animator Rosanna Wan supplies the disarmingly innocent visual style in this film for The School of Life’s alternative to superficial dating apps. [Read more]


Spike Jonze and FKA Twigs for Apple HomePod

Director Spike Jonze, who won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar for “Her” in 2014, seems the obvious choice for this four-minute dazzler featuring another female-voiced AI who helps cheer up FKA Twigs. [Read more]

Cara Delevingne Chanel Gabrielle | STASH MAGAZine

Chanel “Gabrielle” by ShiShi Yamazaki (Director’s cut)

Japanese artist/director ShiShi Yamazaki brings her hand-painted rotoscope magic to a dynamic new spot for Chanel’s Gabrielle bag starring British model/actress/phenom Cara Delevingne. [Read more]

Tamara Qaddoumi - Flowers Will Rot | STASH MAGAZINE

Tic Motion: Tamara Qaddoumi “Flowers Will Rot”

Tic Motion, a Beirut-based collective of designers and animators, create an undulating, enigmatic, and ultimately entrancing music video for Kuwaiti singer/songwriter Tamara Qaddoumi. [Read more]

Two Fresh E-sports explainer | STASH MAGAZINE

Two Fresh Creative: E-sports Explainer

Phil Guthrie, creative director at Two Fresh Creative in LA: “We’ve been getting more involved in the E-Sports world and we love creating explainer videos, as they can have a lot of creative freedom attached. So this is our take on both subjects. [Read more]