Art&Graft Tilal Al Ghaf animation | STASH MAGAZINE

Art&Graft Imagines Life in Dubai at Tilal Al Ghaf

Weaving together 2D and 3D techniques, Art&Graft in London conjure an inviting and atmospheric illustrative style for Tilal Al Ghaf, a new community-driven property development in Dubai. [Read more]

Elastic Updates “Westworld” Titles for Season 2

At the 2017 Emmy awards, Elastic director Patrick Clair claimed three of the five nominations in the Outstanding Main Title Design category for his work on American Gods (Starz), The Crown (Netflix), and Westworld (HBO). [Read more]

Adidas GLITCH Zac Ella Iris Worldwide | STASH MAGAZINE

Adidas GLITCH Brand Launch Film

Agile Films director Zac Ella steers the manic, multilayered chaos in this launch film for the GLITCH two-part soccer boot from Adidas which allows players change the outer layer to suit the mood. [Read more]

Nike Epic React: It’s Like Riding a Marshmallow Unicorn

Directors Dalmiro Buigues, Martin Dasnoy and the crew at Buda in Buenos Aires launch the Nike Epic React runners in Argentina with six intensely cute fantasy animation pieces made for mobile via agency Nosotros Cinco. [Read more]

Vogman brothers of Light Stop motion Shapiro Brewery Porter | STASH MAGAZINE

Kobi Vogman and Brothers of Light for Shapiro Brewery

The all-Jerusalem team of director/animator Kobi Vogman and street artists Brothers of Light (siblings Elna and Gab) combine talents to create a striking mix of stop motion and 2D animation for Israel’s Shapiro Brewery. [Read more]

Viceland’s Weed Week Bone Dance Magnus Atom | STASH MAGAZINE

Viceland’s Weed Week: Bonedance by Magnus Atom

Magnus Atom, motion graphics designer at VICE in Brooklyn: “To celebrate Weed Week, I was asked to create some trip-inducing animated visuals to play on and around 4/20. Happy Weed Week ya’ll!” [Read more]

EDWIN-SS18 Ugo Bienvenu animation promo | STASH MAGAZINE

On Holiday with Edwin and Ugo Bienvenu

French director/designer Ugo Bienvenu applies his signature golden age of comic books style to a quirky and perky retro-future holiday promo for Japanese clothing brand Edwin. [Read more]

Wonderlust Explores “Some” Sottsass

Drawing inspiration from a poem by Italian architect, designer, and Memphis master Ettore Sottsass, director Ryan Rumbolt and the Wonderlust team in Halifax “explore the spectrum of emotions in everyday life.” [Read more]