Alexa Sirbu and Lukas Vojir Launch XK in London

The creative liaison of CG artists/directors Alexa Sirbu and Lukas Vojir, which started when they both worked at ManvsMachine in London, is now an official studio called XK with several new standout motion pieces.

Sirbu and Vojir: “We’ve been working together ‘unofficially’ for the past two years, so housing all our projects under one entity was the obvious next step.

“We also wanted to create a clean break from our previous work for other studios with a visual style and approach which is 100% ours. Our goal is to work on client and self-initiated projects that allow us to look into the future as far as possible.

“‘Strange Spring’ [above] started as an artistic commission for The Galleries in Sydney and continued as our own exploration into the world of alien flora. AI-inspired flowers come to life, slowly defrosting on the lowest microwave setting. Ding.”

Agency: Vandal
Director/animator: XK studio
Music/sound design: Zelig Sound

Sirbu/Vojir: “‘0% food’, a research project, serves as the answer to an age-old question: Do androids crave virtual food?”

Direction/animator: Lukas Vojir
Music and sound design: Resonate

Immediate Byte