TyFlow-Fish-Schools-Short-Film-by-Krzysztof-Hrycak | STASH MAGAZINE

TyFlow “Fish Schools” R&D Compilation by Krzysztof Hrycak

Director/animator Krzysztof Hrycak in Kraków, Poland: “[These are the] R&D results of a PhysX-based crowd system with full dynamics and interaction between all the elements. [Read more]

Nike Space Hippie by Kasper Nyman | STASH MAGAZINE

Nike “Space Hippie” by Kasper Nyman

Copenhagen director/designer Kasper Nyman, who dropped this striking film for Noko eclectic bikes last year, combines his CG and graphic talents again in this fresh new R&D work looking at “sustainable practices meeting radical design.” [Read more]

Strange Spring XK Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Alexa Sirbu and Lukas Vojir Launch XK in London

The creative liaison of CG artists/directors Alexa Sirbu and Lukas Vojir, which started when they both worked at ManvsMachine in London, is now an official studio called XK with several new standout motion pieces. [Read more]

Growing “Shroooms” with C A T K

Berlin design and music studio COLORS AND THE KIDS’ recent research project called “Shroooms” explores the power of artificial growth algorithms to create a beguiling world of alien 3D.
[Read more]