Android Docuseries Explores What “Being Human Is”

Five tales of mobile technology creating real and positive change combine into an uplifting animated series for Android directed by Nico Carbonaro and Tuesday McGowan thru Oakland prodco Where the Buffalo Roam.

The series combines Carbonaro’s experience in documentary filmmaking with McGowan’s design and animation talents and includes 2D, 3D, and hand-drawn cel work from Giant Ant, Oddfellows, Meister, and Where the Buffalo Roam.

Tuesday McGowan: “These films needed to be rich, evocative, and resonate from the heart, so authenticity played a big role in developing the visual style of each film. We were fearless in our approach, embracing abstraction, symbolism, metaphor, and non-linear storytelling to create fantastical animations that bridge nonfiction and magic realism.”

Nico Carbonaro: “While we had to adapt to a completely new way of creating and collaborating during the pandemic, we shared a lot of love and camaraderie rallying around this project for six months of our lives.

“The remote nature of this project let us bring together talent from around the world; moreover, being isolated created a sense of autonomy for all of the artists involved, which led to everyone bringing their best work forward. We all fed off of each other’s ideas and instincts as the creative just kept evolving organically and for the better.”
Episode 1: On Silent Ice (above)
Episode 2: Na Cor

Episode 3: Ramblin’ Man

Episode 4: The Magic Makers

Episode 5: Chez Elyse

Client: Google Marketing
Product Marketing Managers, Android: Danh Ly, Lolu Bodunwa, and Noelle Chun
Brand Lead, Android & Google Play: Sydney Thomashow
Director of Product Marketing, Android: Jason Fass
VP, Marketing: Nick Drake

Agency: Where the Buffalo Roam
Executive Producer: Tim Pries
Producer: Taraneh Golozar

Production: Where the Buffalo Roam
Director: Nico Carbonaro (@ Nonfiction), Tuesday McGowan
Executive Producer: Tim Pries
Producer: Taraneh Golozar
Coordinator: Eden Cooney

Animation: Oddfellows (“On Silent Ice,” “Chez Elyse”)
Executive Producer: Erica Kelly
Executive Creative Director: Chris Kelly
Creative Director: Fabian Molina
Producers: Jen Szeto, Dennis Samatulski

Animation: Giant Ant (“Na Cor“)
Executive Producer: Teresa Toews
Executive Creative Director: Jay Grandin
Producer: Cory Philpott

Animation: Meister (“Ramblin’ Man”)
Executive Producer/Producer: Samantha Cook
Creative Director: CJ Cook

Animation: Where the Buffalo Roam (“The Magic Makers”)
Executive Producer: Tim Pries
Producer: Taraneh Golozar
Post Producer: Michael Schultz
Coordinator: Eden Cooney

Edit: Where the Buffalo Roam
Editors: James Boger, Mahoko Kumakasu, Bruno Tore

Music/Sound Design Company: Space Lute
Audio Director/Sound Supervisor: JR Narrows
Composers: JR Narrows (“The Silent Ice,” “Ramblin’ Man”); Rodrigo Coelho (“Na Cor”); Troy Herion (“Chez Elyse”)

Composers: JR Narrows with Campos de Luz (“The Magic Makers”)
Performed by: Budapest Scoring Orchestra
Orchestration: Bálint Sapszon

Sound Designers: JR Narrows, T. Terressa Tate, Amanda Fuentes

Audio Mix Company: Machine
Senior Producer: Alek Rost
Sound Mixer: T. Terressa Tate
Sound Assistant: Amanda Fuentes
Audio Producer: Kyra Hendricks

Toolkit: Adobe Animate, Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, Premiere, After Effects; Maxon Cinema 4D; Autodesk Flame, Maya; Sidefx Houdini