Art&Graft Tease New Short Film “In Pursuit of Magic”

The team at London studio Art&Graft just dropped us the trailer for their latest in-house short film In Pursuit of Magic, an intriguing mix of 2D and 3D characters and techniques underscored with a sense mystery by Zelig Sound.

The four-minute film, which the studio says is their most ambitious so far, follows previous shorts Mokapzu Park (2020) and The Visual Manifesto (2021).

From Art&Graft: “In Pursuit of Magic is an expression of the creative call that drives us forward. A call to move, explore and discover. To the strength of the team and co-creation. Finding the answers together, the unknowable void, the self-doubt and the nirvana – a glimpse into a journey of discovery that never ends.”

The trailer first premiered at OFFF Barcelona 2024 during Art&Graft’s headline talk.

Production: Art&Graft

Music/sound design: Zelig Sound