Best of Stash 2023: Product Films!

To break out of the noise and chaos of the consumer marketing complex, brands need to elevate their products with outstanding creative and confident execution that snares eyeballs, ramps up desire, and opens wallets.

All these films were published in The Stash Permanent Collection during 2023 and are listed here in chronological order by the issue of publication.

Issue: STASH 157

From the team at FRAME in Copenhagen, Denmark: “As time passes and we live our busy city lives, our skin ages prematurely due to the pollutants that it absorbs. This line of Zhiben products contains antioxidant properties that protect the skin by neutralizing these free radicals before they get absorbed. This was the story the client wanted us to tell in a metaphorical way.

“We wanted to visualize the concept of ‘protection’ which inspired us to create the visual metaphor of letting the rose petals catch the bottles as they were falling from the sky.”

Issue: STASH 158

Oriol Puig, creative director at TRIZZ Studio in Barcelona: “The brief was a very simple but powerful idea: Create a visual metaphor for the creative challenge of carving perfection out of the simplest of shapes, find the most minimal but elegant design, the perfect balance between performance and form.

“This is to illustrate the new Lab71 SuperSix Evo high performance light bicycle frame, the top of the line road bike Cannondale makes. There has been a lot of hype for quite some time on the bicycle world around this reveal, so they wanted to create a piece that lived up to the hype.”

Issue: STASH 158

Cece Peng, creative director at UoU Studio in Shanghai: “Hoping to attract more female customers, Vivo introduced new product colors, and asked that the film should be different from previous product advertisements. To make sure this film was different from normal phone ads, we wanted to express the abstract concept of ‘breakthrough’ in a concrete way, and still create a reasonable connection with the phone at the same time.

“When watching the video, we wish to bring a kind of boldness to the audience with the rhythm of tension, excitement, stimulation, and intracranial orgasm. something like the pleasure produced by the brain when you drive a super sports car. It is difficult to express this feeling visually.

Issue: STASH 159

Creative agency FEEDMEE in Cologne, Germany, raises the bar for B2B product films with this elegant and artful combination of information and emotional engagement for the German smart home brand Gira.

Art director Thomas Gugel at FEEDMEE: “Gira recently presented their new smart home system GiraOne at the Light+Building trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany. In addition to the many technical details showcased live on-site, we were asked to visualize some of the highlights of the new system in a film to support the presentation.”

Issue: STASH 159

Inertia Studios in London creates a dynamic all-CG film for UK sportswear maker Helfare in response to the brief, “capture the adrenaline of mountain biking, appeal to the brand’s core audience, and showcase their latest jacket.”

Thomas Valente, founder/CD at Inertia Studios: “For this project, we decided to explore the relationship between Helfare’s new jacket and the natural environment. Set within a forest, the film captures moments of symbiosis between brand, product, and nature.”

Issue: STASH 161

ECD Piotr Jaworowski and the crew at Warsaw studio Ars Thanea visualize the powerful bass of the Beolab 19 wireless subwoofer while showcasing its sculptural design in this film for Danish high-end audio brand Bang & Olufsen.

Piotr Jaworowski: “Our Beolab project started as an internal initiative so the original brief did not come from the client. We had decided to create a film based on the Beolab 19 (its design, materials, and features) as a way to establish a relationship with the client.”

Issue: STASH 161

Christiana Perdiou, creative manager and CD Peter Tomaszewicz at TOMASZEWICZ studio in Cyprus: “The client launched a new kid’s shoe inspired by the Memphis art movement. Our aim was to create an engaging animation that would showcase the art movement.

“It was the first time we worked on a project where the audience is kids. We had to re-adjust our way of thinking in order to create something engaging and inspiring. In the animation, the shoes take center stage, acting as protagonists navigating through a vibrant Memphis-inspired playground.”

Issue: STASH 161

Katya Panova, EP and Valerii Lunchuk CD, at Superdesigners in Hong Kong: “The client approached us to develop a creative idea for a promotional animated video for their new Ultra Bounce Case. The initial task was to come up with a concept, propose a plot and mood boards, and then implement it. The central request from the client was to highlight the main parts of the product – the protective bouncy corners.

“The challenge is there are really only a few ways to show the level of protection the product gives. These are likely to be any falls from height, weight impacts, scratching objects, and elements.”
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