BTW the Cracks: Glassworks “Freeview: Pond View”

Stink directing duo Jake Knight and Ryoko Tanaka (aka Ne-O) teamed with Glassworks to create this CG Westside Pond Story based on Leo Burnett London’s creative. Powered by The Kinks’ classic “You Really Got Me,” the spot somehow slipped by us back in October. Check the making of clip here.

One Response to “BTW the Cracks: Glassworks “Freeview: Pond View””
  1. Ed Morris says:

    Many thanks for featuring our ad – really delighted you like it. I thought you’d be interested to know that it wasn’t in fact CG/live action – the whole thing is CG! Every tadpole, lily pad and grain of silt! Ne-O and Glassworks did an amazing job.

    Kind regards,

    Ed Morris
    Senior Copywriter
    Leo Burmett, London.