Coinbase “The Degen Trilogy: Part 1” by Lauren Indovina, Partizan, and LIGHT

Director and concept artist Lauren Indovina heads up a sprawling international production crew, led by VFX and animation studio LIGHT, as they corral NFTs, bored apes, and web3 into a crypto adventure of epic proportions.

Lauren Indovina: “The most intense creative challenge I’ve experienced in my career was during the scriptwriting phase of this film. We were given a run time of three minutes to introduce five original characters, their worlds, and a story about a contest.

“Making the characters likable and interesting was critical because they were intended to become ambassadors for Coinbase for years to come.

“The challenge right now is that Web3 is a new space and relatively difficult to identify in a meaningful way that works for everyone. The concept and the tech of it mean different things to different people and communities who have gone all-in on the promise of a better future for society.

“Diving deeper, you discover there are more complex, sometimes darker areas of web3 less easily understood. Add to this NFT technology as a new commodity and a unique target audience.


“Making the characters likable and interesting was critical because they were intended to become ambassadors for Coinbase for years to come.”


“What we learned was you can’t be all things to all people. Although our film is meant to be a love letter to the community, it more likely will become a story about artists and storytellers trying to understand and connect with this fast-evolving world.

“One thing we knew we could control was the cinematic quality of this film. Created by a global team of artists and spearheaded by Antoine Moulineau and his brilliant team at LIGHT in Paris, our team’s creative goal was to make this film as in-camera as possible, avoiding the overlit aesthetic of most 3D.

“What LIGHT did was take us to another level of look development. The quality of detail — from the face tech to the textures, lighting, modeling, animation, and physicalness of the space — is immaculate. What you see is a masterclass by LIGHT of discipline, taste, talent, and really hard work.”
Coinbase The Degen Trilogy Part 1 Lauren Indovina LIGHT | STASH MAGAZINE

Coinbase The Degen Trilogy Part 1 Lauren Indovina LIGHT | STASH MAGAZINE

Coinbase The Degen Trilogy Part 1 Lauren Indovina LIGHT | STASH MAGAZINE

Coinbase The Degen Trilogy Part 1 Lauren Indovina LIGHT | STASH MAGAZINE

Coinbase The Degen Trilogy Part 1 Lauren Indovina LIGHT | STASH MAGAZINE
Client: Coinbase

Agency: Invisible North
Amber Ward CEO/Executive Producer
Co-Founder: Geoffrey Renaud
Head of Content/Executive Producer: Nariman Hamed
Executive Creative Director: Alan Bibby
Executive Producer: Nic Barnes
Head of Creative: Michael Pigozzi
Director of Production: Reed Whitney
Creative Director: Delaram Pourabdi
Director of Copy: Nana Kim
Associate Director of Production: Hannah Ades
Senior Graphic Designer: Yi-Ching Sung
Content Producer: Kodi Najm
Senior Producer: Marissa Velez

Production: Partizan
Director: Lauren Indovina
Production Manager: Samantha Willson
Line Producer: Eileen Kohlhepp, Brenden Patrick Hill
Editor: Brian Raess
Storyboards: Ben Chan, Max Forward,Brian Essig-Peppard
Art director: Kim Dulaney
Concept Art: Lauren Indovina, Sam Mason, Joe Ksander, Kevin Adams, Lux, Pedro Lavin
Titles & Motion Graphics: Jason Forrest Hogg, Chi Hong
Visual Research: Natalia Risheq
Lead Character Designer: Leeroy Vanilla
Character Designer: Sarah Orenstein, Kristian Antonelli
Post Production Supervisor: Ben Morris
Production Assistant: Madeline Willson, Callie Piper, Pete Wilson, Antonio Hiddleston
Chairman/Founder: Georges Bermann
CEO/Executve Producer: Julie Fong
Executive Producer: Angela Foster Head of Animation
Animation Executive Producer: Dan Sormani
Head of Production: Ani Mikirdichian
Post Production/Conform Editor: Bogui Adjorlolo Head of

CG Animation: LIGHT
Creative Director: Antoine Moulineau
Animation Director: Dan Vislocky
CG Supervisor: Raphaël Bot-Gartner
Art Director: Phil Nguyen Characters
Compositing Supervisor: Oliver Johnstone
Executive Producer: Guillaume Raffi, Sophie Lebreton
Digital Art Director: Aurélien Ronceray
Animation Supervisor: Florian Landouzy
CG Sequence Supervisor: Landry de Oliveira, Marie Fichet, Laurent Solignac
CG Sequence Lead: Florian Longuet
Tech Anim Supervisor: Yann Landry
Rigging R&D Supervisor: Cyril Gibaud
FX Supervisor: Hugo Astesano
VFX Supervisor: Romain Bouvard
Character Artist: Arthur Gatineau, Teddy Andujar, Lucas Godineau
Groom Lead: Chloe Roberts
Senior Groom TD: Jaroslaw Handrysik
Groom TD: Caroline Monrigal
Asset Artist: Heloise Courtois, Mehdi Rami, Sofia Gonzales, Moïra Viallet, Bojin Shi, Craig Reid, Daniel Conner, Thomas Goldsworthy, Damian Bajowski
Lead CG Generalist: Baptiste Roy
Senior Lighting TD: Bruno Hajnal
Lighting TD: Ludovic Walsh Senior
CG Generalist: Julien Chicorp, Thomas Ruiz
Rigging Supervisor: Éléonore Epiney
Rigging TD: Mickaël Garcia
Rigger: Guillaume Vezzoli, Timothé Coquer, Ocèane Daguebert, David Shum-King
Lead Animator: Clara Bouchet, Louis Aubeut, Louis Grossot, Sarah Siadoux, Marie Martinache, Michael Ford, Marie Martinache
Animator: Anne Chatelain, Chloé Bourdic, Clément Serralta, Enzo Chatelier, Rebecca Magnat, Anna Skinner, Karlo Pavičić Ravlić, Margaux Kempff, Ninon Dodemont
Animation TD: Leo Recoche, Steve Bell
Animation Supervisor: Nick Hales
FX Artist: Sanjay Kushwaha
Yann Landry Tech Anim Supervisor
Hugo Demagalhaes Tech Anim TD
Julien Charpentier Tech Anim TD
Louise Harel Tech Anim TD
Flame Artist: Seb Caudron
Lead Compositor: Chloé Chaucheprat
Senior Compositor: Terry Wu
Compositor: Alan Uran, Fabio Malfa, Florian Bene, Jean Couritas, Michael Shirra, Theuns Van Rensburg, Tomasz Liksza
VFX Editor: Gael Cheval
Senior Matte Painter: Łukasz Pazera
Matte Painter: Benjamin Bardou, Tonet Dura, Hugo Barret, Lorenzo Solari
Matte Painting Supervisor: Carl Edlund
3D Matte Painter: Felix Hulteen
Producer: Gergana Petrova, Olivia McLean
Coordinator: Eloïse Bouvarel, Maeva Esteban, Michelle Polacinski
Rigging Coordinator: Boris Carquillat
Line Producer: Hugo Longuet-Herpin
Creative Director: Tom Bryant
Head of Production: Lucy Teire
Producer: Helen Teeling
Coordinator: Callum Blair McGuire
Production Manager: Alona Carballo
Tech Support: Nicolas Houdelot, Vincent Lebreton
Pipeline Supervisor: Jacques Fautrad
Pipeline TD: Geoffroy Givry

2D Animation: Picnic
Creative Director: Liam O’Connor
Executive Producer: Mina Song
Animation Lead: Robert Faux
2D Animator: Phuong Pipou Nguyen, Deco Daviola
Compositor: Chris Sayer
Clean up/Colour: Thanh Tran, Angeline De Silva, Katerina Kremasioti

VFX: Framestore
Executive Producer: Pete King
Associate Producer: Jose Alvarado
Production Coordinator: Jackie Wingo
Senior Compositor: Toby Brockhurst
VFX Editor: Dustin Indrebo

Icelandic Pony Co.
Founding Partner: Andrew Swett, Pete Van Auker, Nesta Cooper

Grade: Company 3
Colorist: Beau Leon
Color Assist: Evan Reinhard, Alec Doherty
Associate Producer: Jake Rioux

“Swallow”, “Zombie Orgy”: Produced by Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel, performed by Phantogram
“Christopher’s Waltz”, “Gimme Some”, “Ryan’s Theme”: Written and Performed by Topher Mohr
“Let’s Go!”, “Bruv”: Written and Performed by Topher Mohr & Kenny Dickenson

Audio: Formosa
Sound Designer: Casey Genton, Stephen Robinson, Nick Interlandi
Supervising Sound Editor: Casey Genton
Assistant Sound Editor: Mark Coffey
Re-Recoding Mixer: Casey Genton
Mix Technician: Shane Stoneback