Eddy’s Sweet Celebration of International Women’s Day

Deploying an all-woman crew of directors and animators, Paris prodco Eddy teams with the local office of TBWA and confectioner Le Chocolat des Français to help raise the profile of four French women who changed history.

From the team at Eddy: “For this International Women’s Day campaign, we’ve chosen three of our talented directors Léa Bancelin, Leïla Courtillon and Clément Soulmagon, to design and illustrate these four chocolate bars, which honor Marthe Gautier (medical doctor/researcher), Olympe de Gouges (playwright/activist), Alice Guy (filmmaker) and Sophie Germain (mathematician/physicist).

“For each tablet sold, €1 will be donated to the Dans le Genre Égales, an association dedicated to raising awareness of gender equality, preventing sexist and sexual violence, and empowering the victims of domestic violence.”




Client: Le Chocolat des Français

Agency: TBWA\Paris

Production: Eddy
Producer: Julie Paturle
Line Producer: Maria Markova

Alice Guy:
Illustrator/Director: Leïla Courtillon
Animator: Iris Abols

Sophie Germain:
Illustrator/Director: Léa Bancelin
Animator: Iris Abols

Marthe Gauthier:
Illustrator/Director: Clément Soulmagnon
Animator: Lana Choukroune, Lucia Alessandri

Olympe de Gouges:
Illustrator/Director: Clément Soulmagnon
Animator: Mélanie Gohin