Fabrice Le Nezet: “Mother”

London designer/artist/filmmaker Fabrice Le Nezet, whose work explores the intersection of architecture, fashion and toy design, describes his enigmatic new animated CG short “Mother” as a “poetic journey through a surreal world – a small tribute to modern architecture, isometric video games and sci-fi literature.” Character Animation: Benjamin Mousquet, Sound: Raphael Azel Martinez.

“At the beginning, this was due to be a print series based on modern architecture but very soon I decided to create an entire world around the buildings that I created.

“I wanted the graphic style to be minimalist in terms of volume and colour, with references to architectural floor-plans such as striped and chequered patterns, favouring a graphic approach over a technical/realistic one.

“Initially, all the buildings where supposed to be made out of concrete, which is one of my favourite materials as a designer, but I soon came to realise that it was visually too heavy. I eventually ended up with a very pure and simple monochromatic style, mixing small architectural forms and giant surreal moving stripes.”

Have a look at Fabrice’s toy designs Hurling Players and Curling Players below then learn more here.

Fabrice Le Nezet hurling | STASH MAGAZINE

Fabrice Le Nezet curling | STASH MAGAZINE

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