Siblings short film by Fabrice Le Nezet | STASH MAGAZINE

“Siblings” Kinetic Sculptures by Fabrice Le Nézet

While working on sketches for an upcoming sculpture exhibition, London director and visual artist Fabrice Le Nézet imagined the metal constructions coming to life and decided to make a short CG film exploring the idea of “function without functionality.” [Read more]

Fabrice Le Nezet_Pump | STASH MAGAZINE

Fabrice Le Nezet and Azel Phara: “Pump”

London designer, visual artist and filmmaker Fabrice Le Nezet says his new animated 3D short film “Pump” (with music by Paris electro artist Azel Phara) started as a typographic research project inspired by primitive alphabets. [Read more]


Fabrice Le Nezet: “Mother”

London designer/artist/filmmaker Fabrice Le Nezet, whose work explores the intersection of architecture, fashion and toy design, describes his enigmatic new animated CG short “Mother” as a “poetic journey through a surreal world – a small tribute to modern architecture, isometric video games and sci-fi [Read more]