Golden Wolf: Zedd ft. Troye Sivan “Papercut (Grey remix)”

Shoreditch prodco Golden Wolf build a poignant collage of the excitement and ennui of youth in this dense and collaborative black and white opus for the “Papercut (Grey remix)” track from Grammy-winning producer/musician Zedd.

Golden Wolf: “When the guys at Interscope and Blood Company approached us about doing a music video for Zedd’s Paper Cut, we knew it would be the perfect opportunity to try out an idea we had been toying with for a while: gathering a dream team of some of our favorite artists from around the world to create one cohesive film using a variety of styles.

“After coming up with the storyline we put together a script, storyboard, and animatic and then divided the shots between ourselves and 10 of our favorite collaborators, with the only guideline being to work in black and white with a hand-drawn feel.”
Golden Wolf Zedd Papercut | STASH MAGAZINE

Golden Wolf Zedd Papercut | STASH MAGAZINE


Produced and directed by Golden Wolf
Creative director: Ingi Erlingsson
Art director: Ewen Stenhouse
Producer: Ant Baena
Storyboard / Layouts: Pedro Vergani, Victorin Ripert
Design: Ewen Stenhouse, Pedro Vergani, Victorin Ripert, Johan Rivet, Marilou Mao, Arthus Pilorget
Animation: Maxime Delalande, Pedro Vergani, Tim Whiting, Mattias breitholtz, Marilou Mao, Sabine Pedersen, David Bell, Pierre Rutz, Xavier Sailliol
Collaborators: Manson, Tom Bunker, Henrique Barone, Simon Leclerc, Robert Valley, Alex Grigg, Vida Vega, Shishi Yamazaki, Camilo Huinca, Benjy Brooke

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