Khouri_The Race | STASH MAGAZINE

Jacques Khouri “The Race”

The Tortoise and the Hare face off yet again in “The Race,” a vibrant and graphically complex new version of the childrens’ classic from Montréal-born director/animator/teacher Jacques Khouri with a wonderfully off-kilter score by Azniv Korkejian.

Jacques Khouri: “This project was completed during my free time (over four years on and off) while teaching at SCAD and freelancing in New York. It is an exploration in narrative, discourse as well as the CG medium.

Technically, the challenges were to try and tell a story while mixing abstract backgrounds and text on top of it. The difficulties were of course animating and timing the text to be legible.”

Director, creator: Jacques Khouri
Score: Azniv Korkejian
Tools: Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects
Hardware: HP Laptop