Dream animated short film by Sofie Lee| STASH MAGAZINE

Going Deeper into Sofie Lee’s “Dream”

During her senior year at SCAD, director/designer Sofie Lee gave herself the challenge “to create a film that communicated an underlying message, while still allowing the audience to sympathize with the visual portrayal of emotions.” [Read more]

Aishwarya Sadasivan Crayona animated short film| STASH MAGAZINE

“Crayona” by Aishwarya Sadasivan

SCAD Motion Media student Aishwarya Sadasivan describes her animated allegory “Cayona” as “a personal dedication to the wonderful immigrants who have found their happy kingdom – America.” [Read more]

The Light in the Darkness Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Eli Guillou Finds “The Light in the Dark”

Wise words, austere visuals, and heart-felt narration conjure a surprisingly complex array of emotions in Eli Guillou’s film “The Light in the Dark” created during his senior year at SCAD. [Read more]

Khouri_The Race | STASH MAGAZINE

Jacques Khouri “The Race”

The Tortoise and the Hare face off yet again in “The Race,” a vibrant and graphically complex new version of the childrens’ classic from Montréal-born director/animator/teacher Jacques Khouri with a wonderfully off-kilter score by Azniv Korkejian. [Read more]

Artist: Cindy SuenSchool: SCAD Info from Suen: “Style frames based on the story behind one of my favorite festivals – the Mid-Autumn festival. Story: The Moon Goddess Chang’ e took the immortality pill out of curiosity, despite her husband’s warning to not take the pill. She started floating into the sky once she swallowed it […] [Read more]

Artist: Jordan TaylorSchool: Savannah College of Art and Design Info from Taylor: “I was assigned with the task to create a complete board (9 to 12 style frames). Based of the theme Hunter Gatherer. These boards were used to create my senior project. “We all are hunting for happiness in our lives and that is […] [Read more]