Jonathan Gurvit and Laposta: “Trolls” Talkin’ Trash

Buenos Aires advertising CD turned director Jonathan Gurvit first grabbed our attention back in 2010 with his “Hair Conditioner” spot for Santander Bank which went on to win him a Cannes Lion.

This new “Trolls” spot, with killer CG creature work by Laposta in Buenos Aires for outdoor power tool maker Echo and based on a less-than-polite script from agency Cramer Krasselt, continues Gurvit’s quest to grab your attention in 30 seconds using feature-level VFX.

Watch more CG creatures from Gurvit and Laposta including a giant cricket and an in-your-face urban pidgeon.

Post Production: Laposta
Cg Head: Pablo Tufaro
Lead artist: Nicolas Cantarelli
Vfx Sup: Pablo Tufaro \ Damian Brillantino
Character Design: Pablo Verettoni
Rig: Miquel Campos
Modelling: Pablo Verettoni
CG artists: Gonzalo Canepa
Texture and shading: Cesar Salvatierra
Lighting: Pablo Tufaro
Compositing: Diego Disiuk, Christian Bopp, Pablo Meiesse, Damian Brillantino.
Animation: Federico Abib, Igamoto, Andres de los Rios
Production: Mercedes Vidal