Kris Mercado: The Griswolds “Red Tuxedo”

Rush back thru a stream of pop culture as NY director Kris Mercado tackles his “more awkward years” chasing the visuals for “Red Tuxedo” for Aussie pop-rockers The Griswolds.

Kris Mercado: “My only goal with this piece was to make people smile and remember how it was to love when you were young, and to remember how bitter it was, but how sweet it was too.

“Cartoons, celebrities, icons, sex, anime, video games, money. Getting lost in that nostalgia really struck me. The escapism of it all. The cool shit we as a generation shared, I mean I fucking love Power Rangers. I still wish I was the Green Ranger to this day.”

Production Company: Project Fathom
Director: Kris Merc
Executive Producer: Nolan Rosemond
Art Director: Masayoshi Nakamura
Concept & Design: Kris & Masa
Animation: Masayoshi Nakamura
Additional Animation: Benjy Brooke
Live-Action: Ref
DP: Ron Douglas
Actor: Rene Ramirez