Prepare for the LUMBRE Tiki Totems Take Over

Sergio Saleh, CD at LUMBRE studio in Buenos Aires: “No brief. No feedback. No deadline. We created this Tiki series for ourselves from ideas we had floating around mixed with various whims that popped up in the process.

“The initial inspiration sprang out of thinking about the creative process. From there, we allowed it to evolve and develop freely without any preconceived direction. Themes of cause and effect and both organic and inorganic machines began to develop. Various Easter eggs and inside jokes also found their way in.

“As to whether the Tiki god, his guards, the menagerie of creatures surrounding him, the machinery, the cacti, or the heart are meant to represent something, we really can’t say. We leave it to the viewer to form their own opinion.”




Production: LUMBRE
CD: Sergio Saleh