New Balance 2002 Collection Loops by Alchemy | STASH MAGAZINE

Alchemy Loops Up New Balance 2002 Collection for Urban Outfitters

Andrew Milner, EP/partner at London motion design studio Alchemy: “After seeing some spec work we’d done, Urban Outfitters got in touch with us to help launch their New Balance 2002 sneaker collection.” [Watch]


Prepare for the LUMBRE Tiki Totems Take Over

Sergio Saleh, CD at LUMBRE studio in Buenos Aires: “No brief. No feedback. No deadline. We created this Tiki series for ourselves from ideas we had floating around mixed with various whims that popped up in the process.” [Watch]

Tommy Lee Smearballs Bouncy Castle feat Brittany Furlan | STASH MAGAZINE

Tommy Lee x Smearballs “Bouncy Castle” feat. Brittany Furlan

Toronto director/animator Nick DenBoer (aka Smearballs), whose signature brand of CG chaos ranges from festival openings to deadmau5 videos, joins forces with heavy metal bad boy Tommy Lee for an exercise in looping mayhem. [Watch]

Facebook Take On Anything Loops by Hueso 1stAveMachine | STASH MAGAZINE

Facebook “Take On Anything” Loops by Hueso and 1stAveMachine

Director Gianluca Fallone at Hueso in Buenos Aires: “As part of Facebook’s Take on Anything campaign, we developed a series of animated loops for their carousels. The carousels behave like a gallery in which users can do some window shopping and discover awesome groups. [Watch]

New York City Loop DeeKay Kwon | STASH MAGAZINE

“New York City” Loop by DeeKay Kwon

Director/animator Deekay Kwon: “I lived in NY for 12 years and it’s a place where I grew myself as an artist. Started with only pencil doodling skills at the age of 18 then climbed my way up to fall in love with 2D animation.” [Watch]

Dunderville Website Loops by Thiago Steka and Ricardo Drehmer | STASH MAGAZINE

Dunderville Website Loops by Thiago Steka and Ricardo Drehmer

Director/animator Thiago Steka in Lajeado, Brazil: “My friends Jonas and Erik from [Swedish motion design studio] Dunderville asked me to create some print-looking intricate loops that represent each step of their creative process.” [Watch]