“Magnet” Branding Project by VDAS Student Adica Cho

Director Adica Cho in South Korea: “This is self-branding graduate project that shows one of my strong points, collecting characters just like a magnet.

“I am interested in various experiences. Because I want to do this and that, every time I have things I wanna do then, I pick up and learn them so I collect those experiences.

“Those favorite things seem somewhat random and irrelevant to each other but I believe when they’re combined together, they become something new as they create synergy by pulling each other or sometimes pushing and interrupting each other.”

School: VDAS (Visual Design & Art School)
Concept/art direction/motion design: Cho I Han Gyoem
Sound: Sawn Wasabi – Otter Pop (Leon’s cover)

Toolkit: Cinema4D, After Effects, Premiere Pro