B-Line Boby Trolley Spec Product Film by Eunto VDAS | STASH MAGAZINE

The B-Line Boby Trolley Still Looks Amazing 50+ Years Later

The groundbreaking B-Line Boby trolley, designed by Joe Colombo in 1970 and part of the MoMA permanent collection, receives a snappy homage in this student work by South Korean director/animator Eunto during his tenure at VDAS. [Watch]

Miu Miu Product Film Kim Haeun VDAS | STASH MAGAZINE

Spec Miu Miu Product Film by Kim Haeun

Director/animator Kim Haeun in Seoul, South Korea: “In this personal film, I branded a perfume sold by Miu Miu, focusing on the brand slogan, ‘My imaginary friend and ideal design I dreamed of as a child.’ [Watch]

Kitty-Bunny-Pony-Brand-Film-Hyeon-Jeong-Sim-VDAS | STASH MAGAZINE

Kitty Bunny Pony Brand Film (Spec) by Hyeon-Jeong Sim

Director/animator Hyeon-Jeong Sim in Seoul, South Korea: “Kitty Bunny Pony is a Korean design fabric brand. It features eye-catching products with sensational color contrast and pattern play. [Watch]

Le Labo Brand Case Study by Soyeon Cho | STASH MAGAZINE

Le Labo Brand Case Study by Soyeon Cho

Director/designer Soyeon Cho, a student at VDAS in Seoul, South Korea, reimagines the look and feel of Estée Lauder’s perfume brand Le Labo across a variety of media including this brand film, the website, and print. [Watch]

"Wedgewood Paeonia Blush" by Gyu Bin Hyun | STASH MAGAZINE

“Wedgwood Paeonia Blush” by Gyu Bin Hyun

South Korean motion designer Gyu Bin Hyun’s new personal project extends a lush tabletop fantasy based on the Paeonia Blush collection by venerable English luxury brand Wedgewood across a series of elegant print, packaging, and digital assets. [Watch]

DOT-DROPS spec spot by Sunhye Kim | STASH MAGAZINE

DOT-DROPS Spec Spot by Sunhye Kim

Sunhye Kim, a motion design student at VDAS in South Korea, grabbed our attention with this vibrant spec spot for French luggage brand DOT-DROPS highlighting the customization fun of their optional sticker kits. [Watch]