Navigating the Loss of a Loved One with Maya Rudolph

The comforting voice of actress/comedian Maya Rudolph anchors this series of three films animated by IV Studio in Nashville for the New York Life Foundation to help children cope with the loss of a family member.

In production for a year, the films were produced in collaboration with Dutch Uncle thru Anomaly New York.

From Dutch Uncle: “The animations serve as a resource and tool to open up a dialogue with children and families working through grief and loss. All three of the films, along with downloadable copies of the books are available through the NY Life Foundation.

“For every download of the e-books, the New York Life Foundation is committed to donating $1 to nonprofits that support grieving children, including those affected by COVID-19.”


Client: New York Life Foundation

Agency: Anomaly New York

Production: IV Studio, Dutch Uncle
ECD: Zac Dixon
EP: Samuel Cowden
Producers: Rebekah Hamilton, Helen Cowley
Illustration/Art Direction: Dermot Flynn
Animator: Taylor Yontz, Michael Cribbs, Nata Metlukh, Carlos De Faria, Islena Neira
Compositor: Zac Dixon

Narrator: Maya Rudolph