La Liga Brand Film by Budatv | STASH MAGAZINE Captures the Energy of Ibero-American Animation in New Film for La Liga

Originally commissioned by La Liga de la Animación Iberoamericana for a 10-second logo loop, CDs Martin Dasnoy and Dalmiro Buigues at in Buenos Aires got carried away and ended up with a full minute of frenzied cartoon action. [Watch]

Imaginary Forces Teases Avatar The Last Airbender Series for Netflix | STASH MAGAZINE

Imaginary Forces Teases “Avatar: The Last Airbender” Series for Netflix

With a nod to the original 2005 Nickelodeon animated series, Imaginary Forces CDs Anthony Gibbs and Tosh Kodama hint at the drama and conflict underlying the new Netflix live-action version of Avatar: The Last Airbender. [Watch]

Secret-Invasion-Titles-Method | STASH-MAGAZINE

AI-Generated Titles for Marvel’s “Secret Invasion” Series Unleashes Backlash

The debate about the use of AI in the film and motion industry just reached its first official boiling point with headlines on multiple continents and a wave of anger on social media over the titles of Marvel’s Secret Invasion series. [Watch]

Markos Kay Celebrates Summer Solstice With New “Midsummer’s Day” Short Film

London director/artist and AI advocate Markos Kay, who recently dropped this standout short film, marks the northern hemisphere’s maximum tilt toward the sun with a new experiment he describes as, “An ode to the sweet dreaminess of summer.” [Watch]

Bungie Marathon Announcement Trailer Antibody | STASH MAGAZINE

Antibody Step It Up for Marathon Announcement Trailer

Hot on the heels of their gritty and brooding titles for Silo on Apple TV+, Antibody directors Patrick Clair and Raoul Marks dial up the style and pace in this polished action sequence for the reboot of Bungie’s sci-fi shooter Marathon. [Watch]

Motion-North-design event July-12-2023 | STASH MAGAZINE

Niceshit and Dada Projects Headline Motion North Meet Up in Manchester

Motion North is the Manchester-based group of motion designers, animators, filmmakers, and VFX artists who get together every quarter to hear from outstanding industry speakers and share their love of making things move. [Watch]

Sky Sport The Mens Ashes Titles Adam Wells Coffee and TV | STASH MAGAZINE

Adam Wells and Coffee & TV Capture Cricket Action for Sky Sports in “The Men’s Ashes” Titles

Working with sketches from French illustrator Florian Nicolle, gotgotneed director Adam Wells and the design/animation team at Coffee & TV in London interpret iconic cricket moments for Sky Sports’ 2023 Men’s Ashes coverage. [Watch]

Radugadesign Into the Arctic Gazprom Neft | STASH MAGAZINE

Radugadesign Heads “Into the Arctic” in a Two-Story Ice Cube

Moscow studio Radugadesign wraps an exhibition stand in massive 20-foot high video screens to create an impossible-to-ignore presence for Russian oil giant Gazprom Neft at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. [Watch]

Reimagine A Creative Studio Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Block’s In-House Creative Studio Launches With “Reimagine” Short Film

Block Inc, Jack Dorsey’s tech conglomerate behind Cash App, Square, TIDAL, etc., just announced the launch of its in-house creative studio (called Creative Studio) with this one-minute exercise in upbeat CG motion design. [Watch]

The Big BIG Hug Music Video Iria Lopez Wednesday Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Big BIG Hug” Music Video by Iria Lopez and Wednesday Studio

Just in case you forgot how great it felt to finally emerge from the pandemic lockdown, Iria Lopez and the Wednesday Studio crew in London made this video (with music by Tom Drew) to help us all remember how truly joyous it was. [Watch]

Channel 4 Broadcast IDs 2023 | STASH MAGAZINE

Channel 4 Peers Deep into British Life with Infinite New Broadcast IDs

The long history of innovative Channel 4 branding reached an apex of sorts this week with the release of five detail-packed broadcast IDs assembled from 25 looping scenes created by 17 independent creatives, artists, and filmmakers. [Watch]

The Crew Motorfest Launch Film Mathematic | STASH MAGAZINE

Mathematic and Player II Launch “The Crew: Motorfest” With Full-Tilt Trailer

Buckle up. The animation teams at Mathematic and their game-focused division Player II launch the latest edition of “The Crew” franchise for Ubisoft Ivory Tower with a lovingly rendered and fully energized film directed by Jehan Bouazza. [Watch]

Gift of Life Donor Campaign Case Study DDB Unsaid Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Typography at the Heart of Unsaid Studio’s Donor Campaign for Gift of Life

New York’s Unsaid Studio elevates the cause of blood donation to a new level of poignancy and elegance with this minimalist, type-driven campaign for the US non-profit Gift of Life thru DDB NY. [Watch]

Ubisoft Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown Trailer Eddy Lucas Durkheim | STASH MAGAZINE

Director Lucas Durkheim and Eddy Drop “Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown” Trailer

First-time director Lucas Durkheim, who started at Paris prodco Eddy as a storyboard artist after graduating from Gobelins and CalArts, fuses 2D and 3D animation into a visceral rampage for Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. [Watch]