PSYOP Unleash Galaxy 11 “The Match” Episode 1 for Samsung

Directors Todd Mueller, Laurent Ledru and a massive Psyop crew continue Samsung’s World Cup sci-fi adventure treating us to the first half of “The Match” to save Earth written by feature writers Brian McCauley Johnson and Marc Hyman and called by famous football broadcaster Martin Tyler.

From the release: “To capture the sequences, the Psyop visual effect crew flew around the world to take 3D scans of each player. From there, Psyop’s artists textured and rigged each model to capture the likeness of our famous team. Psyop then cast local football talent and recorded the choreographed sequences using motion capture. In addition to the motion capture, the frames were then hand animated to carefully finesse the elements and ensure the mood and look of each shot was seamlessly integrated.”

Agency: Cheil Worldwide

Production Company: Psyop
Directors: Todd Mueller & Laurent Ledru
Managing Director: Neysa Horsburgh
Executive Producer: Luisa Murray
Producer: Drew Bourneuf
VFX Supervisor: Kyle Cassidy
Writers: Brian McCauley Johnson, Marc Hyman, Drew Bourneuf
Associate Producers: Nathan Lueptow, Jane Lee
Digital Production Manager: Erik LaPlant
Designers: Andrew Park, Adam Kuczek, Al Crutchley, Jan Urschel, Janice Ahn, Ke Swaab, Marc Gabbana, Ming Pan, Oscar Cafaro, Paul Kim, Vaughan Ling, Georgia Tribuiani, Lilit Hayrapetyan, Velwyn Yossy, Sean Martin
Storyboard Artists: Raymond Harvie, Benton Jew, Jeffrey Errico
Lead Technical Director: Kyle Cassidy
CG Supervisor: Andy Wilkoff
Modeling Lead: Randy Sharp
Modelers: Anastasios Gionis, Andrew Lema, Hannah Josepher, Ken Bishop, Kevin Manning, Larissa Docolas, Lili Heng, Paul Martinez, Rie Ito, Cris Fudge, Rafael Zabala, Doug Wolf
Rigging Lead: Sean Kealey
Riggers: Briana Hamilton, George Saavedra, Jenna Renard, John Riggs, Sebastian Garcia
Lead CG Animator: Erik Gamache
Animators: Tim Ranck, Dan Patterson, Chris Barsamian, Adam Floeck, Jeremy Butler, Tom Gurney, Doug Wolf, Chris Smith, Bernd Angerer, Christopher Bishop, Kelly Perez, Brooke Shay, Matt Connolly, Chris Meek, Dan Vislocky
Texture Artistss: Wendy Klein, Jane Byrne, Lily Heng, Robby Branham
CG Lighting Lead: Robby Branham
Lighters: Andy Wilkoff, Jane Byrne, Lily Heng, Hao Cui, John Cook, Sebastian Garcia, Aldrich Torres, Isaac Irvin, Jon Balcome, Todd Herman, Wendy Klein, Jonathan Iwata, Jose Martin, Stephen DeLalla
CG FX Lead Matt Rotman
FX Artists: Enoch Ihde, Kiel Gnebba, Raymond Popka, Richard Tepavchevich, Victor Grant
Lead Compositor: Matt Lavoy
Compostiors: Danny Koenig, Michael Dobbs, Don Kim, Brady Doyle, Austin Brown, Eric Almeras, Krystal Chinn, Lane Jolly
Matte Painting, Maxx Burman, Zach Christian
2D Animators: Sarah Blank, Greg Doyle
Editors: Lance Pereira, Brett Nicoletti
Assistant Editors: Joe Hughes, SamTehrani
Head of CG: Andy Jones
Pipeline: Alon Gibli, John Cooper, Tony Barbeiri

Previsualization: The Third Floor
VP Production: Kerry Shea
Previs Supervisor: Mark Nelson
Previs Lead: Steven Lo
Previs Artists: Nicholas Markel, Keren Albala, Greg Breitzman, Rob Kim, Javier Lopez-Duprey, Mark Austin, Shoghi Castel de Oro, Alexndra Zedalis, Hiroshi Mori, Heather Flynn
Previs Editor : Peter Gould
Previs Creative Supervisor : Chris Edwards
VP of Production: Kerry O’Shea
Previs Associate Production Manager: Charlotte Nelson
Previs Production Coordinator: Chen Lin

Motion Capture Studio: House of Moves
Player 3D Scans: Cloud 10
Duncan Lees, Andy Chopping, Mark Beckett, Chris Cornish

Football Consultant/Choreographer: Cobi Jones
Motion Capture Football Actors: Shay Spitz, Artur Aghasyan, John Rodriquez, Karim Barcelo, Adriano Lima, Maxwell Griffin, John Ward, Gui DaSilva-Green, Travis Parker
Motion Capture Actors: Michael Davis, Dan Czerwonka, Michael Schell, Anthony Marks

Music Company: Echolab
Composer: Tobias Norberg
Music Producer: Gavin Little

Sound Design Company: Echolab
Sound Designers: Gavin Little , Joe McHugh
Sound Mix Company: Echolab
Mixer: Gavin Little
Voice Over Commentator: Martin Tyler
Voice Over Record: The Factory, UK.

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