Slammin’ with Psyop and The House of Marley

Psyop and CD Gerald Ding spent six days in Kingston, Jamaica, scouting for talent and locations to serve as the base for their free-wheeling 2D cel animation in one of three videos commissioned by The House of Marley to launch the company’s latest portable audio system, an eco-friendly Bluetooth beauty called the Get Together.

Gerald Ding: “We wanted to show how a song can bring together friends and strangers alike, and how a good vibe can multiply from one person and grow into a whole block party. We wanted to create an emotional thread between the visuals and how the characters were feeling, and how they imagined themselves.”
Psyop_House of Marley | STASH MAGAZINE
Client: The House of Marley

Production: Psyop
Director: Gerald Ding