Steelworks Studio Ventures into the “Worlds Of Japan” in New Short Film

If you need a retreat from the rush and stress of your work week, Steelworks creative directors Nidia Dias and Miguel Rato have just the thing – a peaceful, CG fantasy tour through the “Worlds Of Japan”.

Nidia Dias and Miguel Rato: “By intertwining notions of beauty and nature, we have re-imagined the diverse landscapes and historical richness of Japan’s culture to craft an illuminating experience that guides you through a recreated universe.

“From a technical point of view, most of the project was developed in Houdini to help us with creating more complex geometry and simulations, as well as a bit of Cinema 4D. Everything was rendered in Redshift.”

Production: Steelworks Studio
Creative Director: Nidia Dias, Miguel Rato
Designer/animator: Ross Mason, Sylvain Gaussens
Compositor: Nidia Dias

Sound Design: Echoic Audio