Stash issue 163 | STASH MAGAZINE

Steelworks Studio Ventures into the “Worlds Of Japan” in New Short Film

If you need a retreat from the rush and stress of your work week, Steelworks creative directors Nidia Dias and Miguel Rato have just the thing – a peaceful, CG fantasy tour through the “Worlds Of Japan”. [Watch]

Steelworks Launches Anacapa 2 Mach X Shoes for HOKA | STASH MAGAZINE

Steelworks Launches Anacapa 2 & Mach X Shoes for HOKA (Director’s Cuts)

CDs Nidia Dias and Miguel Rato at London CG studio Steelworks showcase both the features and aesthetics of HOKA’s Anacapa 2 and Mach X shoes in these vigorous launch spots for the activewear brand thru Anomaly LA. [Watch]

Stash issue 161 | STASH MAGAZINE
Sports Reprocessed short film Steelworks Nidia Dias | STASH MAGAZINE

Steelworks Reprocess Sports in New CG Experiment

Inspired by recent clients and projects, the team at Steelworks challenges themselves with an in-house animation project they describe as “a fresh take on movement through something that weaves us all together: sports.” [Watch]

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