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“The Host of the Heavens” by Big Lazy Robot

Back in 2013, Barcelona VFX house Big Lazy Robot released a dystopian CG jaw-dropper called “Keloid.” Their new film, “The Host of the Heavens,” retains all the merciless technology of that effort while ramping up the scifi action. [Read more]


Big Lazy Robots Buying iDiots

A quick glance over the “Work” page on Big Lazy Robot’s site reveals their love and mastery of robots of all kinds. The Spanish studio’s latest mini-robo-opus “iDiots” has everyone gushing and guessing which elements are 3D and which are stop-motion. Here’s the official word: “We wanted to film everything and then put in [Read more]


Big Lazy Robot Specs Out the Future in “Keloid”

The Spanish 3D and VFX scene, tho smaller than France and the UK, consistently produces some of Europe’s most head-snapping work and Barcelona’s Big Lazy Robot is one of the reasons why. [Read more]