Imagine Dragons Sharks Music Video by Ingenuity Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

Imagine Dragons “Sharks” Music Video by Ingenuity Studios

With a nod to title design master Saul Bass, creative director Alex Popkin and the animation team at Ingenuity Studios in LA craft a lyric music video adventure for Imagine Dragons new release “Sharks”. [Watch]

Yungblud Original Me music video | STASH MAGAZINE

Yungblud “Original Me” ft. Dan Reynolds by Jordan Bahat

Ingenuity Studios in Los Angeles teams with director Jordan Bahat to literally drop the VFX into this junkyard screaming match between English singer/songwriter Yungblud and Imagine Dragons lead vocalist Dan Reynolds called “Original Me”. [Watch]

Joseph Kahn Imagine Dragons Thunder | STASH MAGAZINE

Joseph Kahn: Imagine Dragons “Thunder”

US VFX shop Ingenuity Studios bring the supporting animation, CG, and compositing to Joseph Kahn’s stylish rush of contortionist aliens and replicant Imagine Dragons in “Thunder.” [Watch]