Greg Han Souffle Music Video by Han-Soul and Yii Ooi | STASH MAGAZINE

Greg Han “Souffle” Music Video by Han-Soul and Yii Ooi

Creative director Yii Ooi in Taiwan: “Throughout the pandemic, everyone has been adopting new ways to create, learn, and walk through the journey with trust. That’s basically how this album of Greg’s kicked off. Be there for you, nothing dramatic, and hopefully to walk us through good or bad times. [Watch]

Hebe Tien One, After Another music video by Muh Chen and Grass Jelly | STASH MAGAZINE

Hebe Tien “One, After Another” Music Video by Muh Chen

Taiwanese director Muh Chen and the crew at Grass Jelly Studio in Taipei up the ante in the zoetrope genre with this ambitious, intricate (and surprisingly emotional) mix of live-action and VFX for singer Hebe Tien. [Watch]