Rammstein “Deutschland” Music Video with VFX by Storz & Escherich

Berlin post-production powerhouse Storz & Escherich handled the 3D modeling/animation, compositing, particles, rotoscoping, tracking, and grade in this massive (and not completely safe for all company) video for Rammstein, Germany’s undisputed masters of hardcore destruction. [Read more]

nightfall short film| STASH MAGAZINE

Julian Ticona Cuba & Johnny BANG Reilly: “NIGHTFALL”

Julian Ticona Cuba, one half of the German creative team known as Noise (with Daniel Bartels) weaves sombre and mysterious visuals with the hypnotic poetry of UK wordsmith Johnny BANG Reilly in this director’s cut of “Nightfall” for Universal Music. [Read more]

Canada_Tame Impala | STASH MAGAZINE

Sexy and Surreal: Tame Impala “The Less I Know The Better”

Directing collective CANADA mix live action, hand-drawn animation and VFX, into a riveting hormonal cocktail for Tame Impala’s latest single “The Less I Know The Better” thru Universal Music Australia. [Read more]