Supergirl poem by Penny animation henrique barone | STASH MAGAZINE

Preschool Poets “Supergirl” by Henrique Barone

Conceived and produced by artist and poetry teacher Nancy Kangas and filmmaker Josh Kun, the Preschool Poets is a series of eight poems composed and performed by preschool-aged kids and interpreted into short films by animation artists around the world. Director Henrique Barone in Vancouver: “We were very lucky to get Penny’s poem ‘Supergirl’ where […] [Watch]

Preschool Poets Me by J-Money | STASH MAGAZINE

Daniel Bruson Animates “Me” by Ja’Lantea, aka J-Money

Sao Paulo designer/director Daniel Bruson, whose 2015 film for NSPCC called “Pete’s Story” still breaks my heart with every viewing, takes a sweeter turn here animating the flow of a Preschool Poet. [Watch]