Star Trek Discovery titles | STASH MAGAZINE

Prologue Goes Boldly with Star Trek: Discovery Main Titles

Star Trek: Discovey premiered Sunday night on CBS All Access and opened with Prologue Film’s technical yet beautiful deconstruction of the show’s props, costumes, and character anatomy. [Read more]

Ryan Robertson Mill+ | STASH MAGAZINE

EP Ryan Robertson joins Mill+ in Los Angeles.

After six years at Prologue working in film, VFX, broadcast and print, Ryan “Reno” Robertson joins the Los Angeles studio of Mill+ as EP of design. [Read more]

Prologue Freeak Show | STASH MAGAZINE

Prologue: “American Horror Story: Freak Show” Main Titles

Kyle Cooper and his team dare you to look too closely at their opening sequence for FX Network’s “American Horror Story: Freak Show,” a disturbing mix of stop-motion grotesquery, 2D nightmares and live action creep-outs housed in carefully crafted miniature environments and all shot in the Prologue garage in Venice, CA. [Read more]

Prologue_Destiny Mars | STASH MAGAZINE

Prologue “Destiny: Mars” Cinematic

LA-based British ex-pat director/designer Simon Clowes, Prologue veteran Ilya V. Abulkhanov and the Prologue crew instill the characters in this opening for Bungie’s Destiny game with a believable warmth and vulnerability rarely (if ever) seen in the CG cinematic genre. [Read more]

Behold: Danny Yount 2013 Show Reels

Stash resists the urge to run demo reels, show reels, montages, and other compendiums of animation/vfx/design work because the immediacy of online media means (for the most part) we’ve already seen the various components and they are very (very) rarely elevated to a more-than-the-sum-of experience by a genius track and surgical editing. [Read more]

Artist: Lilit HayrapetyanStudio: Prologue Info from Hayrapetyan: “I designed this style frames for title sequence of Sherlock Holmes. Vintage British cameras and textures are the main inspiration of the mood. I really enjoyed of finding them and creating new surrealistic structures.” Discount code for all our wonderful tumblr followers! Use SFNYTMBLR to grab 10% off […] [Read more]