“Wish You Were Here” by Grind Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

“Wish You Were Here” for Valentines

From Grind Studio in Milan, Italy: “Based on a 2D illustration by Brazilian artist Fernando Volken Togni, we directed this short 3D film dedicated to all the lovers out there.” [Watch]

Mating Tales from the Animal Kingdom | STASH MAGAZINE

Love Who You Love this Valentine’s Day

The Gentleman Scholar crew is about to perk up your Valentine’s Day with this multi-species, multi-technique animated ode to blind love in the animal kingdom. [Watch]

Eoin Duffy Hates Valentines Day

Hot on the heels of his Oscar-shortlisted film “The Missing Scarf” with George Takei, Eoin Duffy reveals his obvious issues with hot girlfriends and the destruction they’re capable of in this heart-wrenching and minimalist tale of serial arson. [Watch]