VCRWORKS Riffs on Retro Animation Styles for Brawl Stars

Director Jonghwan Kim and the team at VCRWORKS in Seoul up the interest level of their latest Brawl Stars trailer with sly but not subtle references to multiple retro 2D animation styles including Powerpuff Girls, Looney Toons, and golden era Disney. [Watch]

Jungler Signs South Korean Studio VCRWORKS | STASH MAGAZINE

Jungler Signs South Korean Studio VCRWORKS

From the release: Jungler is proud to welcome the lovely VCRWORKS to the roster. Ranging through a variety of illustrative styles, their animation is always delicate and very thoughtful, with strong color schemes and great character design. [Watch]

Cai Xukun No Exception music video by VCRWORKS | STASH MAGAZINE

Cai Xukun “No Exception” Music Video by VCRWORKS

Melancholy is not a feeling I associate with pop music but this video for Chinese singer/songwriter Cai Xukun, powered by meditative animation from VCRWORKS in Seoul, takes us deep into sorrow and pulls off an unlikely emotional coup along the way. [Watch]