Whimsy and Wonder: David Stumpf’s Festival Trailers

The work of Slovakian director/animator David Stumpf inspires adjectives like witty, playful, and unpredictable – which have made him a popular choice lately for film festivals looking to grab attention in a distracted world.

His latest work includes trailers for the 15th edition of the ZUBROFFKA International Short Film Festival in Poland (below) and the Anifilm Festival in the Czech Republic (above) – both films delight and disarm viewers with a simple promise of pure fun.
Anifilm Festival
Director/animator: David Stumpf
Director/designer: Michaela Mihalyi
Music: Olivier de Palma
Sound design: Jan Richtr

ZUBROFFKA International Short Film Festival
Client: Bialystok Cultural Centre, GAG Film Discussion Club
Director/animator: David Stumpf
Sound/music: Jan Richtr
Special thanks: Kijek/Adamski, Izabela Sroka