Reeps One Does Not Exist | STASH MAGAZINE

REEPS ONE “Does Not Exist”

Fun to watch even without the VR headgear, “Does Not Exist” claims to be the first music video for a track composed specifically for mixing in 3D sound. The film features London beatboxer Reeps One (aka Harry Yeff) and spatial audio created by Aurelia Soundworks with production, editorial and VFX by The Mill. [Read more]

Les Monstres Resistance Day | STASH MAGAZINE

Les Monstres: “RESISTANCE DAY”

Directors Ludovic Versace, Félicien Colmet Daâge and the crew at multi-talented Paris studio Les Monstres turn a manifesto for a persecuted European minority into an engaging and enigmatic 2D/3D-animated treat (chock full of innovative frames and transitions) for the Association La Voix des Rroms (The Voice of Roma). [Read more]

2Factory_Superbia | STASH MAGAZINE

Cosmic Valley “Superbia (Ft. Basement Beatzz)”

Let director John Jones and Paris studio 2FACTORY kick-start your Friday with a cast of desperate characters and over-the-top walk cycles packaged into in a very unsubtle comment about conformity and personal style in this romp for electro/hip-hop duo Cosmic Valley called “Superbia (Ft. Basement Beatzz).” [Read more]


Imaginary Forces: Making of ESPN’s Euro Cup 2016

The NYC studio of Imaginary Forces wraps ESPN’s extensive broadcast coverage of the 2016 Euro Cup in a dynamic and diverse package of 200 animated elements inspired by the history and artistic heritage of the month-long tournament’s host country France. [Read more]

Chanel Self-Portrait of a Perfume | STASH MAGAZINE

Chanel: “The Self-Portrait of a Perfume”

Wonderfully ornate collage and illustration work by Paris artistic director Roxane Lagache comes to life courtesy of French motion designer/director Cyrille Smaha in this energized brand film for Chanel, episode 15 of an ongoing series created thru Paris prodco Falabracks. [Read more]

Emotions Factory Caixa | STASH MAGAZINE

Welcome to the “Emotions Factory”

Pre-show theatre announcements in Brazil got a whole lot more intricate and interesting recently with the introduction of this ambitious mix of CG and miniatures from São Paulo production powerhouse Vector Zero. [Read more]


STYLE FRAMES is Back! Design Conference Returns to NYC Nov 7-8

In February 2013, as snow piled up on NYC streets, 400 creative-types sat in a sold out theater transfixed by brilliant presentations, surprising insights, and heated exchanges about the creative eco-system and where it was headed. The first edition of STYLE FRAMES: The Art of the Pitch was underway. [Read more]

Mathematic Ghost Recon | STASH MAGAZINE

“Ghost Recon: Wildlands” Trailer Plus Behind the Scenes

Packed with both adrenalin and atmosphere, this CG trailer – produced in collaboration with Ubisoft Paris for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands – moves Paris studio Mathematic firmly into the top tier of game promotion. [Read more]