iMac Pro Artist Films x 6

    To showcase the power of the iMac Pro, Apple invited Buck, Esteban Diácono, Michelle Dougherty, Luigi Honorat, ManvsMachine, and Erin Sarofsky to push the sleek desktop machine to its limits. [Read more]

Smith and Foulkes BBC Winter Olympics 2018 | STASH MAGAZINE

Smith & Foulkes for the BBC Winter Olympics 2018

Veteran and venerable Nexus directors Smith & Foulkes are back with a sweeping 2D stunner to promo the BBC’s coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics thru Y&R London. [Read more]


Brewer Diagnose The Chainsmokers “Sick Boy”

Prettybird directing duo Brewer (aka brothers Ben and Alex) also handle the edit and VFX duties on this electric and eclectic fusion of live projection, ghostly 3D and fleeting snatches of 2D roto for “Sick Boy” by the Chainsmokers. [Read more]

Preschool Poets Me by J-Money | STASH MAGAZINE

Daniel Bruson Animates “Me” by Ja’Lantea, aka J-Money

Sao Paulo designer/director Daniel Bruson, whose 2015 film for NSPCC called “Pete’s Story” still breaks my heart with every viewing, takes a sweeter turn here animating the flow of a Preschool Poet. [Read more]

Short but Sweet animated short film | STASH MAGAZINE

“Short but Sweet” by KLOMP! Animation

Merrily slashing and burning its way thru all the tropes of the fantasy adventure genre in two minutes, “Kort maar Krachtig” (Short but Sweet) is a smart and snappy satirical romp of the highest order. [Read more]

Justin Timberlake Supplies | STASH MAGAZINE

Rodeo FX “Supplies” Justin Timberlake

Rodeo FX delivered over 100 visual effects shots in less than a month of production for Dave Meyer’s dystopian vision of Justin Timberlake’s “Supplies,” the first video off the forthcoming Man Of The Woods album. [Read more]

Spike Ink masters | STASH MAGAZINE

Spike “Ink Master – Return of the Masters” Promo

Not sure how we missed this fabulous graphic novel-flavored broadcast promo by Shotopop for season 10 of Spike’s Ink Master back in the fall, but we’re making up for it now. [Read more]

Mercedes-benz G-Class stronger than time | STASH MAGAZINE

Mercedes-Benz G-Class: “Stronger Than Time” by Sehsucht

Intriguing and dynamic launch film for Mercedes’ update of their classic G-Class luxury SUV combining live action and macro CG work by director/ECD Ole Peters and the Sehsucht crew in Hamburg thru Berlin agency antoni. [Read more]

Santander Piggy | STASH MAGAZINE

Framestore Gives Santander’s “Piggy” a Little Respect

Rattling Stick director Daniel Kleinman leverages Framestore’s formidable creature experience to create a fine balance “between the recognizable ceramic piggy banks of childhood and a photorealistic animal.” [Read more]