Holiday Video Treats: Round 1

The annual feast of holiday shorts selected from the Stash inbox begins with the fabulously surreal “Delight 2013” from Atlanta medical animation masters Vessel Studios (above), a David Bowie retro-fest from Trunk (below) and a behind the scenes look at Santa’s costume obsession by Jens & Anna (bottom). Enjoy!

Trunk Animation

Jens & Anna
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Holiday Video Treats: Round 3

The last 24 hours before the holidays start is pretty much a write off anyway so might as well just give in and slip into the festive mood with a 3D character charmer from CD/director Ben Steer and the Blue-Zoo crew in London (above), a luminescent cel-animated celebration for giant NY law firm Skadden from the Brooklyn team of Freddy Arenas and Laura Alejo (below) and an homage to HBO’s original 1983 intro in honor of the Network’s 30th anni from Shilo director Anthony Furlong (bottom).

Freddy Arenas and Laura Alejo

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Holiday Video Treats: Round 2

Behold! Three more festive and completely contrasting confections for your pre-holiday bemusement. First up, a live action and 3D fauna mini-masterwork by directors Martin Goodwin, Andy Nicholas and the crew at Rushes in London (above).

Meanwhile, eight time zones away, Vancouver’s master of the minimal and Oscar short-listed animator Eoin Duffy drops “Snowflake” (below).

And finally, back in London, the collective of designers, directors and animators known as The Line unleash a dead-on nightlife character study that doubles as a warning about possible New Year’s Eve vignettes.

Eoin Duffy

The Line
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Holiday Treat from Xmas Past

Last holiday season (tucked away in Stash 88) we featured these fun and ferocious E4 IDs from London’s Treat Studios which we now proudly induct into the Stash Classics hall of fame. Here’s Treat director Matt Layzell on the project: “It was a very open brief: create five irreverent and fun idents between [Read more]