Bito Opens the 2019 Golden Pin Design Awards

Bito Studio in Taipei, Taiwan uses its opening for the 2019 Golden Pin Design Awards to raise awareness of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and “inspire the design community to take urgent action for sustainability.”

“We believe that positivity is essential to overcoming this apocalyptic challenge we all face together, and therefore he calls it a “Gala”, linking it together with the time “23:59” to signify the last moment before a new dawn.

“The bluebird is like a human, undertaking the pressure by severe changes on earth. 23:59 is ticking, do designers really have a chance to change this?

“[The video below] features interviews of the jury at Golden Pin and mixes news reporting and Chinese typography with graphic design to represent interesting discussions among jurors on serious topics.

Director: Bito
Client: Taiwan Design Center
Creative Director:Keng-Ming Liu
Copy Director:Vicki Huang
Design Director:Jen Chuang
Art Director: Hui-Kai Su
Producer: Tammy Liu
Assistant Producer: Freda Lin

Ideation:Keng-Ming Liu, Vicki Huang, Hui-Kai Su, Hsuan-Nin Wang, Binbin Lu, Damon Shieh, Wei-Hao Shao, Eating Tsai
Design:Hui-Kai Su, Hsuan-Nin Wang, Binbin Lu, Damon Shieh, Wei-Hao Shao, Eating Tsai, Yi-Chen Kuo, Lai-Yu Chi
Storyboard:Hui-Kai Su, Binbin Lu, Wei-Hao Shao
Cel Animation:Binbin Lu, Allen Lin, Huang Yao Pang, Eating Tsai, Ding-Yi Lu
Painting Artist:Hsuan-Nin Wang, Huei-Sin Xiao, Hsiang-Lan Tsai, Yi-Ju Chou
Animation: Hui-Kai Su, Olaola Yuan, Steve Huang, Wei-Hao Shao, Hsuan-Nin Wang, Damon Shieh
3D animation: Hui-Kai Su, Steve Huang, Chin Ho Kao, Chia-Ting yu, Ya-Hui Chang, Yo-Cheng Chan, Henmi Lai
Editing:Hui-Kai Su

CG Character Animation
CG Supervisor: Triston Huang
Pipeline TD: David Lai
Rigging: Skywalker Xu
Animation: Stone Shih
Modeling/texturing: Tommy Lin

Music/Sound Design : Cheng-Yeh Han

Special thanks: Chen, Shih-Lin (Cellist)