Chris Lloyd’s Wonderfully “Silly Robots”

YLLW is the animation and illustration studio of London director Chris Lloyd: “Silly Robots, our first studio project, started off as a joke and quickly became a passion project that grew into 50 looping gifs that we shared across our different social media channels daily.”

“We wanted each Silly Robot to be different from one another, either in movement or conceptually so we created a set or rules; a strict color palette, one texture and no more than four hours to create each one from start to finish (which we broke only a few times).


“Each robot started as a sketch, we then worked directly within After Effects where we used shape layers and a few plugins to help speed up the design and animation process.

“We didn’t want to be too precious over every little movement and whatever we had at the end of a few hours usually went up to social media and we moved onto the next robot.”

Directed by YLLW
Illustration: Chris Lloyd
Animation: Chris Lloyd
Sound Design: Sono Sanctus & Trevor Richardson
Music: Ambrose Yu