Roller Skating by Deanna Reilly | STASH MAGAZINE

Let’s Go “Roller Skating” with Deanna Reilly!

Canadian motion designer, animator, and illustrator Deanna Reilly in Dublin, Ireland: “A short looping animation in the theme of one of my favorite past times – roller skating! [Read more]

3D Gifathon by James Curran | STASH MAGAZINE

Perk up Your Day with James Curran’s 3D Gifathon

UK animation director James Curran: “A selection of GIFs from my NYC, LA and Tokyo Gifathons remastered in 3D. Each inspired by something that happened during my 30 day stays in each city.” [Read more]

Snooze animated GIF by Markus Magnusson | STASH MAGAZINE

“Snooze” by Animator and GIF Master Markus Magnusson

Another bang-on insight into the rhythms of daily life from Mr. Magnusson. It makes you smile because you know it’s true. [Read more]

GIFs of Game of Thrones by Eran Mendel | STASH MAGAZINE

Every GOT Fan Needs to Watch Eran Mendel’s “GIFs of Thrones”

Illustrator, animator, and GIF master Eran Mendel: “My Game of Thrones GIF project is here for the final round! This is the trailer for the 8th season. Tons of fun creating this. [Read more]

The Endless Loop of “Freelance Life” by Markus Magnusson

Markus Magnusson: “‘Freelance Life’ is part of my tutorial on “Secondary Motion inside After Effects” which you’ll find here: [Read more]

Nicola Gastaldi Gasta Dive In animated short film | STASH MAGAZINE

“Dive In – An Illustrated Story” by Gasta

London motion designer, director, and lecturer Nicola Gastaldi (aka Gasta) merges his talent for GIFs with enigmatic poetry in this graphically striking short film. [Read more]