Infinite Bowls loop by Laurie Rowan | STASH MAGAZINE

A Mesmerizing Loop of “Infinite Bowls” by Laurie Rowan

The latest looping treat from Laurie Rowan, the UK animator, illustrator, and director (thru Nexus Studios) whose collection of eccentric CG character gifs has generated over 700 million views and twice as many smiles. [Watch]

Quarantine Loops by Clim Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

“Quarantine Loops” by Clim Studio

Clim in Barcelona: “This is a personal side project made during the first days of quarantine during the Covid19 crisis. Being confined is something new for all of us and it is not easy. Lots of people worldwide are suffering, confused and scared. [Watch]

Roller Skating by Deanna Reilly | STASH MAGAZINE

Let’s Go “Roller Skating” with Deanna Reilly!

Canadian motion designer, animator, and illustrator Deanna Reilly in Dublin, Ireland: “A short looping animation in the theme of one of my favorite past times – roller skating! [Watch]

3D Gifathon by James Curran | STASH MAGAZINE

Perk up Your Day with James Curran’s 3D Gifathon

UK animation director James Curran: “A selection of GIFs from my NYC, LA and Tokyo Gifathons remastered in 3D. Each inspired by something that happened during my 30 day stays in each city.” [Watch]

Snooze animated GIF by Markus Magnusson | STASH MAGAZINE

“Snooze” by Animator and GIF Master Markus Magnusson

Another bang-on insight into the rhythms of daily life from Mr. Magnusson. It makes you smile because you know it’s true. [Watch]

GIFs of Game of Thrones by Eran Mendel | STASH MAGAZINE

Every GOT Fan Needs to Watch Eran Mendel’s “GIFs of Thrones”

Illustrator, animator, and GIF master Eran Mendel: “My Game of Thrones GIF project is here for the final round! This is the trailer for the 8th season. Tons of fun creating this. [Watch]