Ditroit: MTV “Motorhome”

Quick blast of stylish 3D adrenalin from the crew at Milan motion studio Ditroit to open MTV’s new docu-reality property “Motorhome” tracking the exploits of four teenagers vying for an Italian motorcycle racing championship.

Client: MTV Milano Design Studio
– Creative Direction: Lorenzo Banal
– Art Direction: Luca Dusio

Direction: Ditroit
– Art Direction: Salvatore Giunta
– Design: Salvatore Giunta, Cristian Acquaro
– Modeling: Giovanni Mauro, Daniele Angelozzi
– Shading and Lighting: Cristian Acquaro
– Rigging: Tommaso Sanguigni
– Animation: Cristian Acquaro
– 2D FX: Jules Guerin
– Compositing: Salvatore Giunta
– Music and Sound Design: Smider