Digital Design Days Trailer by Ditroit | STASH MAGAZINE

Digital Design Days 2019 Trailer by Ditroit (Director’s Cut)

Milan motion studio Ditroit promoed the Digital Design Days 2019 festival in their home town with this elegant CG experiment which they say “represents the contamination of ideas through creativity.” [Read more]

“Hydraink Product Showcase” by Ditroit and Yambo

3D stylists Ditroit in Milan and Yambo Studio in Tel Aviv bring an appropriately glossy all-CG edge to this brand video for high tech beauty brand Hydraink. [Read more]

Malaki Molasses Ditroit | STASH MAGAZINE

Malaki “Molasses” by Ditroit

The seductive packaging of Malaki’s flavored tobaccos provide the starting point for this sleek and sensual CG brand film by Milan motion studio Ditroit. [Read more]

Ditroit Diesel Uncool wool animation | STASH MAGAZINE

Ditroit and Diesel “Say No to Uncool Wool”

This impossible-to-ignore all-CG brand film was created by Milan/London motion studio Ditroit and ran in store windows as part of Diesel’s “Say no to uncool wool” campaign. [Read more]

Fendi Hypnoshine | STASH MAGAZINE

Ditroit Polishes Hypnoshine for Fendi

It’s no secret Stash editors are big fans of pristinely rendered abstract 3D motion projects like say… this quick burst of whimsical geometry assembled by Milan/London studio Ditroit for Fendi’s Hypnoshine eyewear. [Read more]

Ditroit: MTV “Motorhome”

Quick blast of stylish 3D adrenalin from the crew at Milan motion studio Ditroit to open MTV’s new docu-reality property “Motorhome” tracking the exploits of four teenagers vying for an Italian motorcycle racing championship. [Read more]