Wonderful Nature Chameleon| STASH MAGAZINE

Lumatic “Our Wonderful Nature – The Common Chameleon”

It’s an indisputable fact that over-eating is detrimental to human health, but the effects of gluttony on species in the wild has never been well-documented. That all changed with the release of this groundbreaking nature mini-doc from Berlin animation and visual effects studio LUMATIC.

More proof that nature has so much to teach us.

Produced by – LUMATIC
Directed by – Tomer Eshed
Animated by – Lars Krüger
Set Design, Set Modeling, Texturing, Lighting – Alexander Pohl
Character Design – Tomer Eshed
Charakter Modeling, Additional Animation – Michael Herm
Rigging, Rendering, Shading, Simulation, Compositing – Dennis Rettkowski
Sound Design, Sound Mix – Michal Krajczok
Music – Stefan Maria Schneider
Narration – John Berwick

And here’s Episode 1 from Lumatic’s “Our Wonderful Nature” series:

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