Motion Plus Design Paris 2023 Lands Saturday, Nov 25

Motion Plus Design, one of the planet’s premier design festivals invades Paris, Nov 25 with a stellar line up including Vallée Duhamel, Alexa Sirbu, Jeff Han, Gaspar Noé, Tom Kan, Burton Rast, Dédouze, and Quentin Deronzier.

When: November 25, doors open 9am
Where: Théâtre de la Madeleine, 19 Rue de Surène, 75008 Paris

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Meet the speakers:

Jeff Han

Jeff Han is a visual designer and director who focuses on typography. His use of graphic design and 3d element together to create a striking visual language is both innovative and aesthetically pleasing. He has been working with studio Elastic for over nine years. His most notable main titles include Doom Patrol, The Hunters, and Coyote. He also focuses on documentary graphics and title designs.His work, which has been nominated for both Emmy and Clio Awards, also includes a broad range of design and motion graphics for award-winning documentary films, Marvel movies, video games such as JohnLewis: Good Trouble, The Swamp and Bobby Kennedy for President.

Vallée Duhamel

Directors’ duo Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel, or as they’re more widely known, Vallée Duhamel, create exciting and unexpected work that twists reality through visual storytelling. They continually surprise and delight the viewer with complex narratives that combine high end production techniques with their own poetic brand of design and art direction. This signature playful style can be seen throughout their work for some of the world’s most iconic, sought after brands, including Target, Apple, Google, Samsung, Hermès and Coca Cola.

Burton Rast

Burton Rast is an artist and designer living in San Francisco, California. He has explored and enjoyed a range of disciplines throughout his 20-plus year career, from UX design, creative direction, and motion graphics, to photography, creative coding, and filmmaking. Burton served in a startup, worked on both the client and agency sides, spent seven years at IDEO as a Principal Designer and Project Lead, and another five at Google as a UX Design Lead. Burton creates unintentionally moody imagery that can be found in publications, the world over, and regularly lectures about hard-fought truths realized both in and out of the workplace.

Quentin Deronzier

Creating otherworldly theatrical visuals, French director Quentin Deronzier has developed over the years a sharp eye and a unique taste for electric color palettes and surreal concepts. Through his creations, he explores mind-twisting ideas always at the frontier between the real and the impossible. Quentin worked with countless artists, personalities and brands around the world. Among them Drake, PartyNextDoor, Doja Cat, The Weeknd, Nike, Balenciaga, PSG, XBOX. He also collaborated numerous times with Hollywood actor Will Smith in a short film and animated pieces.

Alexa Sirbu

Alexa Sirbu is a London-based artist, director and co-founder of XK – a research-led 3D design and moving image practice. Through procedural and sculptural techniques, she explores how current technologies can facilitate storytelling in a digital realm, creating work that is hyperreal and hallucinatory, imbued with emotion and tactility. As an artist and through her studio, she has created and directed work that ranges from artistic commissions to global campaigns, films and large scale video installations. Clients and collaborators include Apple, Nike, Mugler, Hermes, Microsoft, London Symphony Orchestra amongst others.


Dédouze is a French self-taught illustrator and animator based in Paris. His art includes many mediums—from acrylic painting to 3D modeling and animation focusing on making retro-style art with modern tools. He is known for using Blender and its Grease Pencil feature that mixes 2D and 3D animation. He started animation and design as a hobbyist and became a freelancer when professional studios and advertising agencies commissioned him for animations and illustrations. He has worked on animated titles for French TV series, on short animations for Adultswim, Google, Adobe, Crocs, Nike, Meta, and other brands. He mixes animated designs with hand drawn characters and works a lot in sync with music, as he composes music and started his first composition for a feature film in 2022.

Tom Kan

Tom Kan is a Japanese director, photographer, and graphic designer based in Paris. In parallel to directing music videos and TV commercials, he went on to create concept boards and designs for features such as The Matrix 2 and 3, Speed Racer, Cloud Atlas… His opening title sequence for Enter the Void and Climax (dir. by Gaspar Noé) were honored by numerous prestigious design and film magazines. He collaborated with the Safdie’s Brothers, on their successful movie “Good Time” and on many others projects around the world.

Gaspar Noé

Gaspar Noé is an Argentine-French film director known for his visually striking and provocative films. He began his filmmaking journey by studying at Louis Lumière School in France, where he developed his passion for experimental and boundary-pushing cinema. Noé gained international recognition with Irreversible (2002) and Enter the Void (2009), known for their innovative storytelling techniques and bold visual style. His work often explores controversial themes, challenging traditional storytelling, and pushing the limits of cinematic conventions. Despite his films being controversial due to their explicit content, Gaspar Noé remains an important and influential figure in modern cinema.

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