Brickland Silhouettes Fashion Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Brickland Sculpts Virtual Muse for “Silhouettes” Fashion Film

Join the design and motion team at Swedish CG studio Brickland for creative and technical insights into the making of Silhouettes, a striking new in-house film “reflecting on the duality of the Self and sprung from our love of fashion.” [Watch]

Brickland Polestar 3 configuration | STASH MAGAZINE

Brickland Configures the Polestar 3 with Beautiful Details

From the team at Brickland in Göteborg, Sweden: “We built all the content for the Polestar 3 digital car configurator. This film is a summary of the pipeline we created to showcase the different variants of the car, as well as a sneak peek at their user-friendly platform, where you can get the same experience of the car’s best features directly online as on-site.” [Watch]