Polestar film by Edisen | STASH MAGAZINE

Adam Marko-Nord Brings “Circularity” Full Circle for Polestar

The ethos of sustainability behind EV brand Polestar finds expression in a series of airy and intriguing kinetic sculptures in this spot from director Adam Marko-Nord with animation by Swedish studios Edisen and Haymaker VFX. [Watch]

Brickland Polestar 3 configuration | STASH MAGAZINE

Brickland Configures the Polestar 3 with Beautiful Details

From the team at Brickland in Göteborg, Sweden: “We built all the content for the Polestar 3 digital car configurator. This film is a summary of the pipeline we created to showcase the different variants of the car, as well as a sneak peek at their user-friendly platform, where you can get the same experience of the car’s best features directly online as on-site.” [Watch]

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