MAKE Teases Micro-Short Series “House On The Outlands”

Continuing their quest to conquer projects beyond commissioned client work, the animation team at MAKE in Minneapolis just dropped us the trailer for their latest animated micro-short, a retro-styled action-comedy exploring “the duality of power and the thin line between good and evil.” [Watch]

MAKE Mechsplorers episode 1 Hippobotomus | STASH MAGAZINE

MAKE Launches “Mechsplorers” IP With “Hippobotomus”

Focused on expanding beyond their brand-driven design and animation work, the team at MAKE in Minneapolis are developing original IPs including this promising kids’ series called Mechsplorers. [Watch]

Procedural-Light-Short-Film-by-Make | STASH MAGAZINE

Make Explores “Procedural Light” in New Short Film

Director Danny Robashkin at Make in Minneapolis: “Procedural Light is an in-depth exploration of the sculptural quality of light, in the materials that generate, capture or reflect light and the unique gestures they create.” [Watch]

Dead-Moon-Walking-short-film-by-Make | STASH MAGAZINE

“Dead Moon Walking” Short Film by Make

Nothing like five quick hits of black comedy to start your day, especially when the character animation is this refined and the bad guys are this cute.

Danny Robashkin at Make in Minneapolis: “It’s another internal project that let’s us have some quick fun in a nice condensed format. The shorts are traditionally animated in Photoshop, with some CG augmentation. Conceptually they’re kind of a return to the earlier shorts we used to do… Less commercial, more fun.” [Watch]